TJCP Vol. 01 Issue.01

Cultural Diplomacy: An Analysis of National Film and Cultural Policy of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Farooqi


Culture plays a significant role in projection of the soft image of any nation. The modern world has shifted itself from traditional mode of diplomacy to less aggressive one which is also known as cultural diplomacy. The nations tend to play safe these days by not involving into conventional diplomacy tactics to influence other countries like promotion of film industry and cultural sites. The study analyses the case study of Pakistan and its first ever national film and cultural policy in comparison to India‟s cultural policy. The study is based upon the proceedings of National Artists Convention 2018 in which veteran Pakistani artists from the filled of film, television, drama, dance, theatre, music and visual arts gathered to propose a national strategy to exert and project the local talent, rich cultural traditions, wonderful archaeological sites and breathtaking landscapes to establish a soft image of Pakistan before the international audience. To what extent, the policy and goals were practical and achievable? and how did it manage to enact or function later? is discussed in the study along with the case study or model of the cultural policy of the neighboring country, India. The approach is critical and analytical. To conduct this study, official declassified reports, documents, articles, books, interviews and relevant primary sources have been consulted.

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