TJCP Vol. 01 Issue.01

Resistance in Punjabi Poetry: A Case Study of Zia Regime

Imran Khan, Dr. Amanulla


The resistance literature throughout the world has always been taken as a force that may drive and shape the minds of the readers to resist the oppression of the cruel forces of the society. The poets with themes of resistance feel the pulse and palpitation of the society, try to diagnose the intensions behind the cruel minds that ruthlessly suppress the helpless masses and while focusing on the remedies, prescribe the resistant passion and energy to the readers. This resistance poetry may help the readers to build a consciousness against this oppression, cruelty and social injustice. The Punjabi literature especially the Punjabi poetry since the epic age of Mahabharata and Ramayana has always been remained critical to the oppressive forces whether local or foreign and focused to develop a temperament of resistance among the readers against these undesirous forces. This paper traces the elements of resistance in Punjabi poetry and critically analyzes resistant themes of the Punjabi poetry which was written during the martial regime of Zia-ul-Haq. It also investigates the factors that enforce the poets to write with resistance themes and unearth the feelings of the oppressed against these breath-halting forces. The present study examines all the readily available Punjabi resistance poetry of Zia Regime and explores the various strains of resistance and tries to align it with the historical tradition of resistance in Punjabi literature.

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