TJCP Vol. 01 Issue.02

Narrative Constituents: A Reconsideration of Constructivist’s Mind and Perception Ideologies in The Judgment by Franz Kafka

Tooba Asif


This article explores narratological constituents as mentioned in Jahn’s (2017) book of Narratology. The focus is to highlight and analyze major narratological constituents, i.e., narrator, narration, narrative situation, focalizer, and focalization. Genette’s and constructivist’s focalization models for narrative analysis have been considered. The article seeks to identify levels of perception involved in the story and highlight the idea of Genette’s non-focalization or zero-focalization. Understanding the emotions, behavior, and psychological state of the characters, Hermen’s (2014) cognitive narratology helped in this regard. The research is qualitative; data has been described and analyzed in descriptive form. The research population was Kafka’s short stories, and the sample for the study is the story The Judgement. Since Kafka is known for his distinctive creativity in writing, he is also famous for constructing a psychoanalytical approach towards his characters. The article identified various focalization levels and types of narrators in the story

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